Sunday, 30 May 2010

Lessons learned in Belgium this weekend

This weekend I went to Belgium with Phil, Mark, Owen, Dom from Marble, Janine from Ashover and J.C.

Great fun was had by all and I'm sure it will be better documented by others who have better blogging chops than I.

These however are the most important things I have taken away from the weekend.

1) Being bumped up to first class on the Eurostar is really rather pleasant.

2) Jean at Cantillion is a lovely bloke. So lovely, he even said nice things about my attempts at creating a homebrewed kriek style beer.

3) Jean's cognac aged lambic is outstanding.

4) Table service at beer festivals is civilised

5) Moeder Lambic is a really cool place. So cool it made me do this.

6) The Delerium Cafe is expensive, smelly and full of tourists.

7) Belgian hobbies between midnight and 6am mainly involve shouting and beeping their horns.

8) Two days of wild yeast, fast food and little sleep have an effect on 4 men that renders the air inside a van almost as potent as Sarin.

9) Mark didn't buy that much beer (honest Lauren).