Friday, 11 December 2009

Brews, News and Gnus

Ok, well no gnus. But hey, no gnus is good news right?

Ok so once again with the best of intentions I set out to start blogging again. I have been slacking but I have been flat out at the brewery with the Christmas rush. Supermarkets demanding case after case of bottles, customers ordering polypins for Christmas along with all the brewing, racking and bottling we normally have to cope with!

Lots has happened since I last updated this blog: The British Guild of Beer Writers dinner (belated congratulations to all the winners especially Mark Dredge, Dave Bailey and Pete Brown.) Here are some of us drinking some warm White Shield

Brewdog have revealed the world's strongest beer- Tactical Nuclear Penguin, which according to James for BrewDog's email might go off like a tactical nuke unless it is stored in the fridge!

I have also invested in some decent homebrewing kit-the first brew will be tomorrow. I'm keeping it simple for my first brew- Pale malt, a little caramalt and a little 150 crystal malt, Challenger for bittering and East Kent Goldings for aroma. I'm aiming for around 1042 but I don't know what my mash efficiency will be like yet! The first few brews will be a steep learning curve no doubt.

I have also wrtiten a daily diary of what exactly a brewer gets up to over the course of the week, hopefully it will shed some light on those slightly cryptic tweets along the lines of 'Washing casks again. Grrrr' or 'Scrubbing out the mash tun now, just about to come up to the boil'

Until I post those next week you can follow my antics on twitter @petebrissenden .

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